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Get Your Story Out – MassMutual Employees

“People at work are like my family. It helps to know that I’m accepted for who I am by people at work.” – Cheryl, MassMutual.
“The true value in being authentic at work is having a better workforce.” – Mark, MassMutual

Hear Cheryl, Mark and other MassMutual LGBT employees tell their stories about being out, and supported, at work.


Get Your Story Out – Dawn from MassMutual

“My pictures in my cubicle reflect my family.” A big thank you to Dawn and MassMutual for submitting this video about the importance of being able to be out at work.

Get Your Story Out – Bernadette from MassMutual

Thank you to Bernadette and MassMutual for submitting this video about the importance of a supportive family and being able to be fully out.

Get Your Story Out – Lara Zuehlke and Jan Zuehlke PhD

A big thank you to Lara Zuehlke and Jan Zuehlke PhD for submitting their video to the Get Your Story Out website!

TD – Being Myself at Work

A big thank you to TD for allowing us to share this video on the Get Your Story Out site! This video discusses a successful diversity strategy, and the importance of creating an environment where people can be themselves at work.

Submit Your Story – Enter to Win Registration to the Out & Equal Workplace Summit

Submit a video for the “Get Your Story Out” site and you’ll be entered to win registration for one at the 2012 Workplace Summit (valued at $1150).

At Out & Equal, we know that the telling of one’s personal story is one of the most powerful ways we can communicate, make personal connections, and create change. And, we know that coming out, and being out, as LGBT in the workplace can be daunting, and that everyone has a different experience.

We invite you to submit a video to the Get Your Story Out project—and just by doing so, you will be entered to win registration for one for the 2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit (This year’s Workplace Summit takes place in Baltimore, Oct 29-Nov 1). All video submissions will be entered into a pool, and a winner will be chosen randomly.

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Torrance Hucks – Fannie Mae

Torrance Hucks works at Fannie Mae, and in this video discusses the importance of telling your story, and being out in the workplace. He also talks about Fannie Mae’s diversity training, and being able to work at a place where you can be yourself and feel confident about coming out.